About The Pole

The Princess Pole is both a static, and a spinning pole deigned to be quick and easy to use. The pole takes minutes to setup, and literally takes a second to switch between a spinning pole and a static pole. The patented design requires neither screw nor any tools to help switch between the two modes. This is the only pole currently on the market with such an easy design. The concept of the pole works similar to a scaffold leveling leg, pushing up against both the ceiling and the floor for stability. If you can trust a scaffold, you can definitely trust this pole. 

The pole is put together from the floor up. There are no permanent fixtures and will not leave any marks if ever taken down after use. The slim looking design is topped with a chrome finish, looking professional, easy to clean and a pleasure to handle. 

Princess Pole fits all common ceiling heights ranging from approximately 2.2 metres to 2.7 metres, but additional extensions can be purchased separately for higher ceilings.  Princess Poles are currently used by both professionals and amateurs, suitable for all weights and acrobatic exercises holding up to 2 adults at one time. 

The Princess Pole can be set up in the bedroom, bathroom, lounge room, or anywhere that has both a stable ground surface and a load bearing beam (ceiling). 

Whether you are looking at getting into the sport, or looking for an upgrade, look no further. Princess Poles are designed to suit all your pole dancing needs. The poles come with a 3 year factory warranty, so be rest assured quality and safety is our number one priority. 


Diameter - 45mm Chrome finished pole
Chrome finished Steel Base 
Weight Rating: 200 kg 
Static and Spinning functionality with a simple pin (only type on the market)
No permanent fixtures
Fully adjustable height 2235mm - 2745mm
2 main poles and two extensions

**Postage & Handling time - 7 working days
**$35 flat rate postage to all metropolitan areas in Australia


About Us

Princess Poles is the leading brand in online dance poles. Our business is purely based online hence why we are able to provide you with the highest standard and quality of products at a very affordable price.  Our model is simple: "factory direct". Being an online business means we can sell direct to public without the need of going through wholesalers, distributors and retailers, hence cutting a big chunk out of the overall costs of delivering these dance poles to you. 

The team at Princess Poles consists of past and present experienced dancers who know what is needed in the sport of pole dancing.  We know and understand what is a good pole, and our design is developed to cater for beginners to the everyday professional users. 

The idea of pole dancing, for so many people come with negative connotations, with much of the dance poles used in adult industries that are not favoured by all in the public. Princess Pole's goals are to reinvigorate the pole dancing industry as a recreational activity, a hobby for women of all ages, and a sport just like all others. 

To push our cause, we provide our products at entry level prices to encourage as many people as possible to pick up our passion for pole dancing. So the next time you or your friends are looking for a pole, look no further. Support Princess Poles and support the sport and industry of pole dancing !